Green Card Youth Voices - Book Reading

June 23, 2016 - 6:00pm
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Green Card Voices

Green Card Voices was born from the idea that the broad narrative of current immigrants should be communicated in a way true to each immigrant’s story. Green Card Voices seeks to be a new lens for those in the immigration dialogue. Green Card Voices aspires to build a bridge between immigrants, non-immigrants, and advocates from across the country by sharing the first-hand immigration stories of foreign-born Americans, by helping us see the ‘wave of immigrants’ as individuals, with interesting stories of family, hard work, and cultural diversity.

In September of 2015, Green Card Voices recorded 30 stories of immigrants from Wellstone International High School. These courageous youth coming from 13 countries sat with GCV team in the studio for several days and shared stories of family, school, change, and dreams. After recording their stories, it became obvious to all that these powerful narratives needed to be shared with a wider audience. With the Wellstone teachers, Green Card Voices decided to create a book as a vehicle to generate awareness and take the stories outside the all immigrant classroom.

We're honored to host Green Card Voices at Boneshaker Books on Thursday, June 23, for an evening of storytelling as the student authors of Green Card Youth Voices: Immigration Stories read their personal essays and answer questions about the process of publishing their first book.

Space is limited, so please RSVP at the link below: