Bodybuilding Basics: A Field Guide for Young Naturalists by Lyn Corelle

January 20, 2019 - 11:00am

Join us for a reading of Bodybuilding Basics: A Field Guide for Young Naturalists, a new book by Lyn Corelle. Best described as the mutated offspring of an environmental parable for children and an anthropologist's journal, the book blends art, poems, and prose fragments to explore the absurdity of human life and gently challenge some of the hardened ways we talk about concepts like gender, success, and the environment. It is sure to delight anyone who comes across it, no matter their age or what they bench.

Lyn Corelle is a Minneapolis artist who takes photographs, makes videos, and writes sometimes. They work at a preschool for their day job, and learned more than they ever expected to know about bodybuilding in the course of this project. Bodybuilding Basics is their first book.