Book a Meeting or Event for Free!

Photo credit: 
Kay Harris

Boneshaker Books has a beautiful, sunny room that is FREE for meetings, book clubs and author events. The capacity is about 20 people. It is available during our open hours, 11am to 8pm daily if it is not already booked. Please contact to book your next meeting or gathering!

How can we offer this for free? Only with your help! If you use our meeting room, do us a favor by giving us a shout-out. Perhaps you can think of a creative way to get the word out about Boneshaker -- on your website, Facebook, the radio or on paper.

The Fine Print: When we say the meeting room is free, we mean it. However, if you're holding an event that's open to the public and charging an entry fee, we do ask that you share some of the proceeds with us. The amount will be determined upon reservation.