Fall in Love with Boneshaker Books Again

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Good news, folks! We're fundraising again!


None of us are independently wealthy, and there aren't exactly any investors knocking down our door to keep independent bookstores alive. And yet, here we are. Thanks to your purchases, thanks to your events, thanks to your donations, thanks to your love. You keep us alive. You are the literal backbone of Boneshaker Books - and with your donation of $250 or more, you'll make it official by joining our Skeleton Crew.

When you join our Skeleton Crew, Boneshaker Books will carry your favorite book in our permanent collection forever. That's right- we won't let it go out of stock, ever. By joining our Skeleton Crew you have the opportunity to not only support Boneshaker Books, but also make a contribution to your fellow community members! Give the gift of a book - and the gift of a bookstore.  

Boneshaker has grown a lot in the past five years. Our inventory is bigger than ever, we host dozens of events every year, and our community of readers continues to grow stronger. We intend to keep growing for many years to come. This year we're launching a Bicycle Book Trailer to help us attend events across the Twin Cities. We're dipping our toes into online sales. We're paying off debt and becoming sustainable, long-term. We want to be your local bookstore for many more years, and it starts here. Today. With your donation.

Thanks, y'all. We love ya.