Hard to Believe: Medical

January 29, 2016 - 7:00pm

Hard to Believe is a documentary that examines the issue of forced live organ harvesting from Chinese prisoners of conscience, and the response—or lack of it—around the world.

It’s happened so often that the world doesn’t always pay attention. But is economic influence the reason, that this time, it’s going largely unreported? It’s hard to believe that doctors would carve up innocent people so their organs could be sold. It’s even harder to believe that major media are not investigating. Yet it happened tens of thousands of times, and may be happening still.

Directed by Ken Stone of Stone Soup Productions. Ken spent 20 years in American broadcast newsrooms – the bulk of that time at public television stations. His U.S. national awards include a duPont Silver Baton (Columbia University’s broadcast equivalent of its Pulitzer) and an Emmy Award and a Gabriel Award for The Next Mission (2010) and an Emmy Award for Fundamental Rights: The Pennsylvania Abortion Control Act (1992)


Screening at 7 pm on Friday Jan 29, Q&A to follow.