John Abraham-Watne's Our Senior Year; a reading - Sept 27

September 27, 2014 - 11:00am
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John Abraham-Watne

Come see John Abraham-Watne read from Our Senior Year, a novel about high school life and how it can affect people years after. It is for people suffering a quarter-life crisis, those people who are trapped between looking back wistfully at a perceived "happier" time in their lives and looking forward to the beginning of their adult lives.

The story is framed Jason Warheim returning to his hometown for his ten-year high school reunion. He comes across the journal his best friend, Jack Wayne kept throughout their senior year of high school. Within this journal's pages are the lost insights about Jack's life as it fell apart that final year of high school. It is the final push Jason needs to put into writing the story of the senior year he shared with Jack and another friend, Joey Samson.