Mishka Shubaly - May 2

May 2, 2016 - 6:00pm

'I Swear I'll Make It Up to You' is the master story of Mishka Shubaly's nine lives. After surviving a mass shooting, finding out his parents were divorcing, and losing the house he lived in with his family, Shubaly plunged into a seventeen-year love affair with alcohol. In this fiercely honest, emotional book, Shubaly relives the best and worst of these adventures: his destructive romances, his hot-and-cold rock career, and the time he met his newborn nephew while tripping on cough syrup. I Swear I'll Make It Up to You is a memoir of a precocious young man trying to be good and failing -- until, one day, he succeeds. Shubaly's muscular prose, big heart, and dark wit inflect this grand story of mistakes, their consequences, and eventual redemption.

Mishka is a bestselling author (6 bestselling Kindle Singles on Amazon, more than 200,000 copies sold) and a singer/songwriter of some note (he toured opening for Doug Stanhope and his music has been featured prominently in his podcast that goes out to more than 1.5 million listeners). He's been on the Moth (themoth.org/posts/storytellers/mishka-shubaly).

The big themes are addiction/ recovery, alcoholism, running, recovery, and redemption. It's out March 8th on PublicAffairs (Perseus Book Group).