#NODAPL Shelter Support

Sponsor a text for the protectors!
Photo credit: 
Ashley Fairbanks

The temperatures may be dropping, but the water protectors at Standing Rock remain steadfast in their commitment to preventing the DAPL construction. That means warm shelter is required for the long, cold months ahead at the Red Warrior Camp and the Camp of the Sacred Stone in North Dakota.

Local activist Ashley Fairbanks has asked for help raising funds for shelters by September 30. In collaboration with activists on the ground at Standing Rock, heavy-duty canvas tents were determined to be the best fit for the job. These tents cost approximately $1000 apiece, a hefty sum.

If 100 people give just $10 apiece, together we can make this happen.

Historically in the Midwest, long-term occupations have been difficult to sustain through the winter. In the late 1990s, protesters of the Highway 55 expansion dwindled dramatically during winter - finally being overtaken by the police state as their numbers were low. We cannot let this happen at Standing Rock.

These tents can sustain heaters, withstand the elements, and provide some much needed comfort to the water protectors. Your donation - large or small - will ensure that the occupation remains strong, healthy, and powerful throughout the winter.

In-store donations can be made by cash or credit, and online donations can be made at: https://fundrazr.com/01AK56