Reading with Aurora Levins Morales

June 13, 2014 - 6:00pm

Join us for a reading and conversation with Aurora Levins Morales. She will be reading from her two newest works Kindling and Cosecha and Other Stories.

Aurora Levins Morales was born in rural Puerto Rico to Puerto Rican and Ashkenazi Jewish parents. A lifelong feminist and radical, artist and activist, storyteller and historian, her writing bridges the gaps between the intimately personal and the global, between a passionate witnessing of our traumas, and a profound belief in the possibility of a just and joyous world.

In 1986, Getting Home Alive broke new ground by its content, its form and the identities of its authors, a New York born mother and her island born daughter, both feminists and radicals. Cosecha and Other Stories is the long-awaited sequel, fourteen short stories, factual and fictional, full of gardens and kitchen, love and loss and revelation.

This new collection of poetry and prose explores the body as a site of pleasure, pain and political struggle. Disabled and chronically ill writer, historian and activist Aurora Levins Morales writes about epilepsy and stroke, the social control of dark skinned women's sexuality and the erotics of chronic fatigue, epigenetics and healing justice, community based science and what it's like to get health care in Cuba.

"There is no neutral body from which our bodies deviate. Society has written deep into each strand of tissue of every living person on earth. What it writes into the heart muscles of five star generals is distinct from what it writes in the pancreatic tissue and intestinal tracts of Black single mothers in Detroit, of Mexicana migrants in Fresno, but no body stands outside the consequences of injustice and inequality." from "Mountain Moving Day"