Broadside! a party

January 9, 2016 - 5:00pm

Do you like ladies? Do you like art? How about queer and feminist art? Do you like smart ladies talking about queer and feminist art?! Is that a YAAASSSSSS?!!!

We're throwing a baby shower for our new podcast, Broadside, and we hope YOU will come celebrate with us!!!! Sip on some dranks and snack on some foodz while some awesome local women & LGBTI performers do their stuff!!!

music by Vanessa Bray!
music by Bryonna Baines with Kaetchen Haugen!
standup comedy by Megan Anderson!
poetry by Moe Lionel!
visits by some of your favorite local drag personae, including Dick Buffet, & games!!

Come out to support the Twin Cities' newest queer feminist podcast! xoxoxoxoxox ♥ ♥

Broadside is the project of Kristen Stoeckeler and Kelly McKay: a queer feminist podcast intended as a platform to support, promote, & foster discourse about queer and feminist art, music, & theater both in the Twin Cities and nationally!! donations at our podcast's "baby shower" will help us with the hardware/software we need to get this baby rolling. Twice-a-month episodes are planned February thru June and we're dreaming beyond.