Songs of Solidarity Across Borders on Dec 21

December 21, 2016 - 7:00pm

*** Update*** This event has been moved from Dec 19 to Wednesday Dec 21 due to a flight delay. See you then!

If reading about depressing things like climate change, economic inequality, and intransigent racism gets you down, Ben Grosscup wants to tell you that singing about these things can help turn despair into inspired action.

On Wednesday, December 21, from 7:00pm-9:00pm, Grosscup will offer a concert at Boneshaker Books at 2002 23rd Ave., in South Minneapolis. This concert was re-scheduled from its original date of Monday, December 19, due to a flight cancellation affecting the performer. There is a suggested Donation of $10-$15 at the door.

The songs will address a range of themes and issues including environmental disasters, immigrant rights, racist police violence, radical politics, and utopian dreams.

Grosscup locates his own song writing and song collection in the tradition of Pete Seeger, Woody Guthrie, and Phil Ochs: “I perform contemporary folksongs that speak to the harsh injustices in the world. My goal as a performer is to nurture people’s desire for a freer society and to challenge our complacency with the society we’ve got.”

His original songs address some of today’s most significant political struggles, including the student debt crisis, the struggle for workers’ rights at Walmart, environmental racism, and capitalism’s way of creating “sacrifice zones”. He also lightens up his performances with songs that let the audience laugh while also being reminded of what’s good in the human condition.

Grosscup is also a curator of poignant songs being written by politically conscious artists today. “I want these songwriters to be more widely known, because if more people heard these sorts of songs, I think they’d feel encouraged to get involved with the essential social justice movements of our time.”

As a teenager, Grosscup came politically of age in the Twin Cities Peace Movement. Now based in Greenfield, Massachusetts, Grosscup is the Executive Director of People’s Music Network, a community of singers, artists and activists – founded in 1981 – that that cultivates music and cultural work as catalysts for a just and peaceful world.

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