Quantum physics just got real!!

April 6, 2019 - 2:30pm

Come learn something new and interesting about quantum physics, and be able to ask questions to an expert who has recently published a new ground-breaking book on quantum physics entitled, "Quantum Mechanics With A Spin On It". The author, Dr. Eason, has deep experience leading research teams both in the United States and in Asia developing technologies that use quantum physics. He was also a MINT Fellow at the University of Minnesota in 2015-2016. In this talk, the author will introduce and explain some of quantum physics so that it's value can be better understood, even if you don't have a PhD. Beyond this, he'll share what lessons of life are encoded in quantum physics, relevant to all. He will also share some ground-breaking results contained in the book that extends the ability of quantum physics to describe reality. So come learn something new in quantum physics from an expert. Why not!?