Rob Callahan reading - 6/28

June 28, 2012 - 11:00am
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Rob Callahan is a professional purveyor of made-up stories about the way we really are. His works of fiction include the novel, Hellbound Snowballs and the short story collections, Grave Whisperer and Damaged Goods. He has written and performed two award-winning spoken word shows, Idiosynchronicity and The Last Ditch(co-written with Allegra Lingo,) and he regularly joins the Minneapolis entertainment troupe The Rockstar Storytellers on stage. His nonfiction has graced the pages of Secrets of the City,, l'etoile Magazine, and He is also a part-time contributor to several magazines published by Tiger Oak Publications.

His latest book, A Wish Upon a Fallen Sky collects Rob Callahan's notable short fiction. From telling tales of the dark and moody to sordid stories of the strange and ridiculous, Callahan's prose remains poignant and provocative. His dark, subtle wit complements a seasoned, haunting voice. His mastery of the written word rivals that of the modern masters.