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Stand Up! with Rhoda Gilman - 6/21

June 21, 2012 - 9:00am

Rhoda Gilman is an inspiration to Boneshaker, and we're happy to say she'll be visiting our store on June 21. Stop by and hear more about her research on Minnesota's history of protest movements!

About Stand Up!
In this broad and readable narrative, eminent Minnesota historian Rhoda R. Gilman covers the major protest movements of the last 150 years: the abolitionist Republican party, Grangers, antimonopolists, Populists, strikers, progressives, suffragists, Communists, Farmer-Laborites, communes and co-ops, abortion politics, and more. She profiles charismatic and quirky leaders like Ignatius Donnelly, Floyd B. Olson, and Paul Wellstone. Each movement, each personality, is part of the context for the others.

Stand Up! tells a story of people repeatedly challenging the status quo. It is a narrative of people against power, of conflict and defeat, but also of change and tenacity. In a forceful and inspirational conclusion, Gilman discusses the events that she herself has helped to shape and shares her vision of the future.