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During these pandemic times, we've launched four (virtual) book clubs with more on the way! All book club books bought in-person at our pop-up sales are 20% off.

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Abolition Book Club // Politics of Pandemics // Trans Book Club // Utopias Book Club

Abolition Book Club: September 27 6:00pm

Beyond Survival: Strategies and Stories from the Transformative Justice Movement

In this collection of essays, a diverse group of authors lay out concrete and practical strategies for accountability outside of the criminal justice system.

Transformative justice seeks to solve the problem of violence at the grassroots level, without relying on punishment, incarceration, or policing. Community-based approaches to preventing crime and repairing its damage have existed for centuries. However, in the putative atmosphere of contemporary criminal justice systems, they are often marginalized and operate under the radar. Beyond Survival puts these strategies front and center as real alternatives to today’s failed models of confinement and “correction.”

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Politics of Pandemics: October 18 2:00pm

Medical Apartheid by Harriet Washington

“…the first and only comprehensive history of medical experimentation on African Americans. Starting with the earliest encounters between black Americans and Western medical researchers and the racist pseudoscience that resulted, it details the ways both slaves and freedmen were used in hospitals for experiments conducted without their knowledge–a tradition that continues today within some black populations.”

This is a long one, so just read what you are comfortably able before the meeting!  Interested in donating or receiving a free copy? Indicate on the form that you’re interested in our Book Club Solidarity Fund!

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Trans Book Club: October 27 7:00pm

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We’re excited for Trans book club, where we’ll cover works by and about trans people, across genres.

Our next book in the series will be Pet, by Akwaeke Emezi

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Utopias Book Club: October 25 2:00pm

Fire On the Mountain by Terry Bisson

The story of what might have happened if John Brown’s raid on Harper’s Ferry had succeeded and the Civil War had been started not by the slave owners but the abolitionists.

Buy a copy at 20% off at our pop-up book sales! Wednesdays 3-5pm, Fridays 2-8pm, Saturdays 11am-4:30pm (weather allowing).

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