a radical bookstore in Minneapolis, MN

Extended Popup Hours for Indie Bookstore Week

Once again, Rain Taxi’s Twin Cities Literary Calendar is teaming up with independent bookstores in the Twin Cities to celebrate Independent Bookstore Day Week by creating the 2021 Twin Cities Independent Bookstore Passport! This year, you can take a full week to get your Passport stamped at the stores you visit, keeping in mind your own safety precautions and those of the stores—and as always, each and every stamp activates a store coupon

Learn more about how to participate here, and see below for Boneshaker’s schedule.

Sunday 4/18 – 11am-5pm

Monday 4/19 – 2pm-7pm

Tuesday 4/20 – 5pm-7pm

Wednesday 4/21 – 5pm-7pm

Thursday 4/22 – 5pm-7pm

Friday 4/23 – 2pm-7pm

Saturday 4/24 – 11am-7pm