a radical bookstore in Minneapolis, MN


Boneshaker Books is a volunteer-run, radical bookstore based in the Seward neighborhood of Minneapolis, MN. We aim to introduce readers to leftist politics, facilitate conversations, support ongoing movements, and collectively create a space that will grow, evolve, and respond to community needs and pressing issues. We strive to exemplify what a collectively run leftist space can be. We are not motivated by profit, and we are committed to financial sustainability through selling books and grassroots support.

We no longer house the Women’s Prison Book Project (WPBP), who have moved on to a larger dedicated space, though we continue to support their work. This great group provides books to female and transgender inmates across the country through mail requests. We also share space with the Twin Cities Democratic Socialists of America (TCDSA), another group doing crucial work to support our communities, and house a drop-off site for Sanctuary Supply Depot, a mutual aid group that gets basic necessities to our houseless neighbors.

On March 8, 2020, the Boneshaker Collective announced that the store would be closing due to financial difficulties. But this vital literary and organizing space remains essential. A new Boneshaker collective rose from the ashes, to fight for a different end to this story. After a successful IndieGoGo campaign in 2020, the store was reopened and is now available for in-person browsing and events (masks required). Visit us at 2002 23rd Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55404. We’re open Wednesday through Sunday, and we’d love to see you in the store!