Donate to Boneshaker Books

As a non-profit bookstore, we accept monetary donations to help keep Boneshaker Books healthy and vital in our community for years to come and expand our collection of books, zines, artwork. If you are interested in donating books or otherwise supporting the Women’s Prison Book Project (formerly housed in Boneshaker), visit their website here.

Selling books is a political act. Our curated collection of anti-oppressive literature, zines, and art gives community members the opportunity to encounter new texts and ideas in a warm, welcoming space, and sows the seeds of revolutionary thought. We value radical joy, care, and creativity. We need bread, but we need roses too. Boneshaker grows roses.

At Boneshaker, we know that selling books is only the first step. Boneshaker is a bookstore, but it’s also a gathering place, a radical space that supports and houses local movements. Our meeting and event space is one of the rare places where any group can congregate free of charge.

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Skeleton Crew

With your donation of $500 or more you can become a member of the Boneshaker Skeleton Crew. Any book of your choosing (so long as it is not out of print) will be permanently stocked in Boneshaker Books. Forever. Your title will be in a special display near the front counter.