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Consignment at Boneshaker

Interested in selling your work at Boneshaker Books?

Consignment is a way for local and independent creators to sell items in Boneshaker’s space. In exchange for using the space, Boneshaker takes a cut of each sale. The split is 75% to the client, 25% to Boneshaker. Clients receive their payout after items are sold, not in advance. Payouts are calculated and sent out quarterly.

If items don’t sell after at least twelve months, Boneshaker may ask the client to pick up their unsold items. Any items that clients fail to retrieve within 30 days from the date of notification will be given away or recycled.

If items are lost, we can offer up to 75% of the price of the lost goods (i.e., we can compensate $7.50 for a missing $10 item.) Boneshaker requires the client to initiate this process.

Anyone can consign items at Boneshaker. Volunteers will use their discretion to determine if the items are a good fit for Boneshaker and its customers. If the items seem offensive or ill-suited for our store, volunteers reserve the right to reject the consignment and tell the client to try a different location. If currently in-stock items are discovered to be offensive or ill-suited for Boneshaker, volunteers can raise concerns with the larger group and discuss how to proceed. Items may be pulled from the store’s shelves and inventory and returned to the client, along with any owed payout, as a result of these discussions.

Boneshaker volunteers do not, as a rule, provide additional publicity or marketing services on behalf of consignment clients. Individual volunteers may recommend consigned items to customers based on personal opinion, or post about consigned items on our social media channels, but they are not expected to try to sell consignment items as a priority. These services are outside the scope of regular volunteer duties. Consignment clients, however, should feel free to advertise that their items are for sale at Boneshaker and do any other publicity they want.

How to get started:
Bring your items to Boneshaker during our open hours. Make sure each item is clearly labeled with your name/business name, item name, and price. At the store, a volunteer will look over your items and determine if they’re a good fit for the space. If they are, your information (name, email/phone number, and preferred payout method) will be recorded and your items will be added to the system. Payouts will be made quarterly—if you request cash as your payout method, please note that you must email us in advance. If you have any questions about consignment, shoot us a message at info@boneshakerbooks.com!